Lushious Synthetic Turf is a proud manufacturer and installer of synthetic grass solutions for landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, rooftops, patio decks and beautiful back yard golf complexes complete with putting greens – all with the look and feel of natural grass! Our network of dedicated Distributors across Australian on professional installation services for your landscape application


  • looks great all the year
  • Suitable to WA climate
  • Effective cost
  • Pet and children friendly
  • No water required
  • No mowing
  • No ongoing cost
  • No chemical, fertilizer and pesticides
  • No maintenance



  Products   Lush25
Yarn height 25mm
Roll width 2m 
Color 4 tone

Short blade height

No infill material required
Low Surface temperature
Easy to install
Durable performance
Suitable for Residential heavy traffic area
  Products   Autumn 35 
Yarn height 35mm
Roll width  4m
Color 4 tone


Realistic tan thatch colour
Superior durability
Horseshoe yarn sharp blade
Thicker version of lush turf products
Perfect simulation of natural grass

Suitable for Residential front and back yard
  Products   Premier35
Yarn height 35mm
Roll width 2m & 4m
Color 4 tone


Natural appearance

Superior resiliency
Low Surface temperature
Soft to touch

Suitable for Residential front and back yard, around swimming pool
  Products   Baffalo 37
Yarn height 37mm
Roll Width 4m
Color 4 tone

Utilises the latest artificial grass technology
Combines PP blades with diamond yarn blades
Surprisingly soft to touch
Looking great year round
Suitable for  Medium to heavy traffic areas