Synthetic Turf Supplier in Perth

Lushious Synthetic Turf is one of the largest synthetic turf suppliers in Australia. We supply Australian made and We specialise in world class synthetic turf, supplying and installing to both the residential and commercial market, as well as sport applications.

10 Years Warranty

Providing outstanding finished results, we offer the product with 10 years warranty . As you are all aware of todays ever increasing living costs, we feel that laying synthetic turf has a lot of long term benefits. Just to name a few, you will save money on hiring gardeners or your own lawn mowing and mower fuel, fertilisers / Chemicals or pesticides and major savings on water alone. You have the added benefit of your garden or outdoor area looking great all year round. We can guarantee it is child and pet friendly. 


Lushious Synthetic Turf has a great team of experienced landscapers and installers. We have a designer who can help design your old outdoor area to make it look brand new. Offering wholesale prices, allows gardeners and landscapers alike to purchase the synthetic turf and install themselves. We offer free, no obligation measure and quotes, no matter how big the area. 

Wholesale Purchases

As a grand opening special, we are offering wholesale deals at amazing prices per square meter, or to save costs you can buy by the roll. Please check out our website for these costs  

Feel free to give us a call to find out more information or drop into the shop to see our products. We are more than happy to send out free samples of our products.