Different Uses of Synthetic Lawn and their Advantages

Jason Young - Sunday, April 03, 2016

Synthetic grass has made its way into the market and is paving a new standard for lawns. You can use synthetic lawns on a wide range of properties. It can be used for your garden, for dog runs, graves, balconies and roof tops, or even personal putting and golf greens. Since synthetic lawns are durable and not slippery, it is also ideal for people with special needs, such as wheelchair users.

Even schools are now using synthetic lawn for children’s playgrounds. Commercial properties have also switched to synthetic grass because of its many advantages. It can be used for buildings, retail shops and installations, the hospitality and events sector, and even by municipalities. If you want to know why synthetic grass is becoming so popular, just look at a few of its many advantages:

  • Incredibly durable – You won’t find any potholes on synthetic lawns. The surface is highly playable, so even sports fields are choosing synthetic grass instead of natural grass. Synthetic lawns have non-slip and shock absorbing properties.
  • Maintenance free – It’s no secret that it takes serious money to keep a natural lawn looking green and healthy. Commercial properties save a lot of money by going synthetic. There’s no need for equipment like lawn mowers. They also don’t need to hire manpower for weekly grass cuts and maintenance.
  • Clean and mess-free– Do you have the rainy season because of all the muddy shoes that come in and out of your home? If you have a synthetic lawn, you never have to worry about mud. Synthetic lawns are usually quick drying, too!
  • Attractive – People are put-off by badly-maintained lawns. With synthetic lawns, you’ll always have a green and well-maintained yard. It’s also an excellent replacement for cemented playgrounds or schoolyards.