Choosing the Right Turf Supplier in Perth

Jason Young - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Turf grass is versatile and mostly used for residential yards, playgrounds and large sports grounds. The use of turf grass helps create a pleasant and beautiful surrounding. They reduce runoff and helps retain water in the soil, making them ideal for areas that have lesser rainfall or water scarcity.

With so many turf suppliers in the market giving tough competition to one another, choosing the right turf supplier in Perth can be pretty challenging.

Below are some tips to choose the right turf supplier for your needs.

  • Quality: Since buying he turf calls for quite an investment, make sure that you spend some time knowing what the suppliers offer. A good quality turf looks and feels like natural grass. So when you go to a supplier, make sure that the turf they show is of good quality that can withstand the test of time. If the turf will be subject to regular use for school kids or used in driveways or pathways, it makes sense to have a durable product that can withstand heavy-duty use. A good quality turf will last quite a few years and make for a great investment for both personal and official usage.
  • Multiple Options: The better turf suppliers have plenty of turf options for their different customers. For instance, a customer may need the turf for different purposes such as to install in their lawn, on a walkway, a playground, a sports facility, etc. As a buyer, you should be shown a range of products in terms of price, quality, size, etc.
  • Cost: Never go with suppliers that offer the turf at significant discounts that are much below the standard market price. Quality turf is an excellent long-term investment and hence worth the money. If you want good quality, look beyond the price. It may seem like you are incurring a huge expense, but good turf more than pays back its cost over its lifetime.
  • Authorised Supplier: Ensure that you go to turf suppliers who are genuine and accredited by the turf manufacturers. They must have the necessary permissions to sell the various varieties of turf. These suppliers will also have trained people who can come to your place and install the turf after you have made the purchase.