Different Uses of Synthetic Lawn and their Advantages

Jason Young - Sunday, April 03, 2016

Synthetic grass has made its way into the market and is paving a new standard for lawns. You can use synthetic lawns on a wide range of properties. It can be used for your garden, for dog runs, graves, balconies and roof tops, or even personal putting and golf greens. Since synthetic lawns are durable and not slippery, it is also ideal for people with special needs, such as wheelchair users.

Even schools are now using synthetic lawn for children’s playgrounds. Commercial properties have also switched to synthetic grass because of its many advantages. It can be used for buildings, retail shops and installations, the hospitality and events sector, and even by municipalities. If you want to know why synthetic grass is becoming so popular, just look at a few of its many advantages:

  • Incredibly durable – You won’t find any potholes on synthetic lawns. The surface is highly playable, so even sports fields are choosing synthetic grass instead of natural grass. Synthetic lawns have non-slip and shock absorbing properties.
  • Maintenance free – It’s no secret that it takes serious money to keep a natural lawn looking green and healthy. Commercial properties save a lot of money by going synthetic. There’s no need for equipment like lawn mowers. They also don’t need to hire manpower for weekly grass cuts and maintenance.
  • Clean and mess-free– Do you have the rainy season because of all the muddy shoes that come in and out of your home? If you have a synthetic lawn, you never have to worry about mud. Synthetic lawns are usually quick drying, too!
  • Attractive – People are put-off by badly-maintained lawns. With synthetic lawns, you’ll always have a green and well-maintained yard. It’s also an excellent replacement for cemented playgrounds or schoolyards.

Artificial Grass - Take Proper Care of your Lawn

Jason Young - Saturday, April 02, 2016

Taking care of your lawn can cost a lot of money, time, and effort. You need the proper tools and materials just to keep it green. Why not opt for artificial grass? You might be a little apprehensive using artificial grass, but reading more about it will make you quickly realise its many benefits. Here are just some of them:

  • Highly durable – Say goodbye to potholes or dead patches on your lawn. You can remove the tacky “keep off the grass” sign, too. Artificial grass is very durable and will not cause your lawn to become muddy when it gets wet. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s messy paw prints on the floor, either. That’s one chore to cross off your list.
  • Light maintenance – Forget getting down on your knees to pull out weeds and cut the grass. You also won’t need a lawn mower. Artificial grass is very practical if you don’t have time to maintain natural grass.
  • Saves the environment (and money!) – You don’t need to spray harmful pesticides on your lawn. There’s no need to apply fertilisers either. You hit two birds with one stone as artificial grass is also made from recycled materials.
  • Reduce water bills – According to research, lawn irrigation is responsible for about 75% of household water bills. Artificial grass does not need water to stay green. You can lower your water bills and not have to worry about installing an irrigation system.
  • Child and pet-friendly – One of the worst things about natural grass is its pollen. You might have experienced allergies during early summer or late spring. Your kids and your pets will be safe from allergies—even if they roll around on the lawn—if you opt for artificial grass.



Choosing the Right Turf Supplier in Perth

Jason Young - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Turf grass is versatile and mostly used for residential yards, playgrounds and large sports grounds. The use of turf grass helps create a pleasant and beautiful surrounding. They reduce runoff and helps retain water in the soil, making them ideal for areas that have lesser rainfall or water scarcity.

With so many turf suppliers in the market giving tough competition to one another, choosing the right turf supplier in Perth can be pretty challenging.

Below are some tips to choose the right turf supplier for your needs.

  • Quality: Since buying he turf calls for quite an investment, make sure that you spend some time knowing what the suppliers offer. A good quality turf looks and feels like natural grass. So when you go to a supplier, make sure that the turf they show is of good quality that can withstand the test of time. If the turf will be subject to regular use for school kids or used in driveways or pathways, it makes sense to have a durable product that can withstand heavy-duty use. A good quality turf will last quite a few years and make for a great investment for both personal and official usage.
  • Multiple Options: The better turf suppliers have plenty of turf options for their different customers. For instance, a customer may need the turf for different purposes such as to install in their lawn, on a walkway, a playground, a sports facility, etc. As a buyer, you should be shown a range of products in terms of price, quality, size, etc.
  • Cost: Never go with suppliers that offer the turf at significant discounts that are much below the standard market price. Quality turf is an excellent long-term investment and hence worth the money. If you want good quality, look beyond the price. It may seem like you are incurring a huge expense, but good turf more than pays back its cost over its lifetime.
  • Authorised Supplier: Ensure that you go to turf suppliers who are genuine and accredited by the turf manufacturers. They must have the necessary permissions to sell the various varieties of turf. These suppliers will also have trained people who can come to your place and install the turf after you have made the purchase.

Using Artificial Grass in Perth City

Jason Young - Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Artificial grass is becoming quite popular in Perth. Though only used in large sports clubs or commercial spaces at one time, over time people have understood the advantages of installing the artificial grass in their home lawns, school playgrounds, public pathways and many more areas, whether private or public. In addition to being highly economical and easy to maintain, artificial grass helps to enhance the ambience of the surroundings and make the areas look more beautiful and inviting.

The residents of Perth are well known for keeping a beautiful home. They give adequate attention to beautify their lawns, gardens or patios in addition to their house, and make their home a beacon for warmth and hospitality. Like all Australians, the residents of Perth spend their social time mostly outdoors, engaging in activities such as BBQ parties, pool parties, picnics or a having a quiet get together in the patio or on the lawn with a glass of their favourite drink. With so much outdoor activities happening, it makes sense to have comfortable lawns and gardens where people can get together and enjoy the company of family and friends. And the best way to go about it is by using artificial grass. This product is also finding support from schools and agencies for their playgrounds and public lawns.

Below are some of the benefits of using artificial grass:

  • Durable: Artificial grass is durable and can last a few years in all kinds of weather. It is also ideal for areas of heavy usages such as playgrounds, walkways, etc.
  • Cost efficient: Having artificial grass is a great investment in return. You do not need to buy fertilisers, pesticides, or hire a mower to keep your lawn in a pristine condition.
  • Low Maintenance: With artificial grass, there is no need to worry about muddy, wet or slippery areas. Your home also does not get dirty from muddy shoes or muddy paws of your pet. Also with the application of artificial grass, you do not have to mow the lawn or weed out dead patches of grass and get yourself all dirty and sweaty.
  • Saves Time: Having artificial grass saves your time, which would otherwise have been spent in maintaining your garden.
  • Environmental Friendly: Because you don’t need to put fertilisers or pesticides, you are helping save the environment by doing your bit.
  • Saves Water: Artificial grass does not need water and is ideal for areas with water scarcity. It is said that in big developed cities like Perth, an average of 50% of the residential water usage is for irrigating lawns.